Who are Dairy Spares?

Dairy Spares is a distributor of wholesale farm and milking equipment. We sell products to dealers and distributors throughout the UK and many parts of Europe.


Can I buy products from the website?

No, only from an qualified dealer.


How do I become a qualified dealer?

“Qualified dealers” are business that are actively involved in the reselling of merchandise such as a dairy engineer or a farm shop.


Even after looking I cannot find a product on your website?

Dairy Spares has over 4500 different product lines, so please contact us if you cannot find a product.


If you have any further queries, use the “Ask a question” form at the bottom of the home page. Or contact Dairy Spares by calling +44 (0)1948 667676 or send an email to info@dairyspares.co.uk.



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