Cow Grooming with Cattle Brushes

Posted 25.4.19 Few things are more fascinating to watch than a cow having a good scratch while ‘p ...


Testimonial for Trusti Tuber Lamb + Kid Colostrum Feeder

Posted 21.2.2019 David Lewis from Pembrokeshire, lambs a large flock of polled Dorset’s in Septemb ...


Trusti and Flexi Tuber Update

Posted 29.9.18 The Trusti and Flexi tuber can be used on cattle up to 200kg.  This is good in ...


NEW - Border Warrior Polyurethane Wellington Boots - Soft Toe and Safety

Posted 27.9.18 Step into Border and step out to work in this new Polyurethane Wellington Boot: ...


CMT-Test Liquid - New Size Now Available

Posted 30.4.18 CMT-Test Liquid for the detection of mastitis in milk is now available in 5 litres. ...


Trusti Tuber Scoops Cream Award

Posted 12.2.18 We are please to announce the Trusti Tuber is the winner of the Innovation Award at t ...


Set Up To Rear Young Calves With Milk Bar

Posted 9.11.17 Three years ago, calf-rearer Lisa Bebbington saw an opportunity to set herself up wi ...


New Milk Bar 4 Compartment Calf Feeder

Posted 22.9.17 New 4-compartment milk feeder completes the extensive Milk Bar range Calf rearers now have a full cho ...

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