No-Nonsense Milking from Vaccar

Posted 17.10.17 Keeping it simple saves on time and reduces costs A ‘simple’ swingover parlour is ke ...


New Stainless Steel Dump Buckets in the Vaccar Range

Posted 10.10.17 There are now two new stainless steel dump buckets available. Both have a capacity o ...


Handy Portable Milker - Oil Run Pump

Published 30.7.17 Hot dip galvanised frame. Robust and durable construction. "Handy", Stable and manoeuvrabl ...


Dairy Spares Portable Milking Machines

Published 21.6.17 There are many uses for the portable milking machine: Downer cows that are in a ...


New Brio Top Automatic Flow Controller Now Available

Published 29.3.17 This new automatic flow controller is now available from Dairy Spares. Technical Data Single P ...


Don’t take short cuts in milking parlour management.

Published 13.10.2016 It could be false economy to cut costs in the milking parlour this winter and th ...


Fly Control with the Greenoak Tri-Jet Fogger

Published 9.5.16 The CE approved Greenoak Tri-Jet Fogger is simple to use. The combination of adjusta ...


Fly Control with Barn Kooler Fan

Published 9.5.2016 Run up to 3 Schaefer Barn Kooler Fans (EF01) on one Variable Speed Controller ( ...

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